Decorative Diyas(Lamp holders) for festive occasions

Festivals in India are marked by bright lights. Festivals like Dusshera and Diwali  spiritually signify the victory of light over darkness.  Here are a few quilled Diya (Lamp holders) that I put together.

These quilled Diyas can be used to light up your houses during festivals, can adorn your puja or may be gifted to loved ones for special occasions.



lamp_holder blue_lamp_holder2lamp_holder1


Festival season

Indian festivals teach us the different traditions followed for decades. The first thing that comes to our mind about festivals is a new dress and matching jewellery followed by the variety of food items made for Neiveydhiyum/Prasad 🙂

I always like to have a matching jewellery for all my attire. When I started learning Quilling and the techniques, I was instantly fascinated with the dome shaped Jhumkas. The beauty of multi-layer and the brightness that this jewellery provides is outstanding.

This entry is for IQCG#21 – Make it Festive

The double-layered Jhumka is quilled into domes of two different sizes and were attached using beads and danglers. I quilled the earring using colour combinations of golden yellow and red to match with silk sarees. The dome shaped pendant is a challenging task in quilled jewellery due to the nature of the paper and its durability.There is a small Jhumka attached to the bottom of the pendant to enhance its beauty for special occasions.

red_jhumka_double_set1red_double layer_jhumka red_jhumka_pendant_chain

some more jewellery..

yellow_blue_flower_settight coil set2