Eco-Friendly Ganesha

Ganesha made with newspaper: Newspaper and clay are eco-friendly ways to create the idol for Ganesha Chaturthi. Let us pledge to keep our environment and surroundings free from pollution. Here's to a healthy, eco-friendly and happy Ganesha Chaturthi from the Paperolles.   P.S.: I dissolve the clay Ganesha at home and use them for gardening.


Girls – the spirit of our Nation

Girls are the spirit of our nation. On the 72nd Indian Independence day, let us pledge to save the girl child, protect her innocence and most importantly let them live their dreams!!!   Happy Independence day. Submitting this post for the IQCG#50 which has all the four colours as mentioned in the contest. Jai Hind!!!

Quilling workshop at Snehadhara foundation

The workshop was fun-filled and packed with loads of creativity among the kids and adults. The newspaper quilled craft was introduced to the group. The session started with warm-up songs and introducing newspaper as the main medium for the craft. The kids with special needs understood the concept of rolling the paper and tried rolling the … Continue reading Quilling workshop at Snehadhara foundation

Happy Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights. Diwali is traditionally celebrated by lighting diyas and candles, praying to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, bursting crackers and meeting friends and family to exchange Diwali greetings and gifts. The quilling of the candle light holder, the bird shaped holder and the Ganesha were completed using newspaper/magazines. … Continue reading Happy Diwali

Anything about India

This month DT twist on the challenge theme is "Anything about India". Being a proud Indian, I have created two DT projects for the current month. Unity in diversity: Unity in diversity means oneness despite multiplicities. India is a classic example of this motto and has thrived over several decades with this phrase as its … Continue reading Anything about India

IQCG#38 -Mixed Media

The current month challenge in IQCG is “Mixed Media”. Create a mixed-media project with optional twist is to add something shiny (f.ex. glitter, sequins, pearl mists and so on) Here goes my DT inspiration. Pls follow the guidelines/challenges rules and post your creations at IQCG38-mixed-media Kindly use the challenge image to post your creations. We  … Continue reading IQCG#38 -Mixed Media

Rainbow colours

Hello folks, This month's theme in IQCG is "Rainbow Colours". The beauty of the rainbow in the sky, especially after the rain provides immense joy to everyone with its warmth of unity amongst the colours. The radiance from the colours Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red enhance the beauty of any artefact that we create. Here goes … Continue reading Rainbow colours


Indian Quilling Challenge Group turns 3 this month and we are celebrating with a Birthday Blog Hop! There will be no quilling contest this month. Here goes my 'Design Team' project. Birthdays would be incomplete without a cake. Cupcakes are a favourite to everyone; especially to those who have a sweet tooth and yet health … Continue reading IQCG BIRTHDAY BLOG HOP

Celebrate Women

With Women's day round the corner,the march theme at IQCG is "Celebrate Women". The challenge details are available at: IQCG#35 - Celebrate Women. Kindly participate and showcase your creativity. Here is my DT post for this theme.  Inspired by the Tree of Life and dedicated to all the Women out there - Mother, Friend, Wife, Grandmother, Sister and Daughter. … Continue reading Celebrate Women

Love is..

Dedicating my first post as part of the design team @ IQCG 2017. February is the month of love and the theme is all about Love, what does it mean to you? The challenge details are available at: IQCG #34 - Love is To me, love is cherishing the art of creativity within ourselves: Creativity through adding colors and vibrance to … Continue reading Love is..

Tribute to Sun God for a glorious summer

This year has been quite a warm and scorching summer(March-May) especially down South of India. Even Bangalore, which enjoys mild summers traditionally, has seen spikes upwards of 40 degree Celsius. So, I decided to put together a quilled art work in dedication of the Sun god 🙂 I have put together instructables for this at … Continue reading Tribute to Sun God for a glorious summer

Decorative Diyas(Lamp holders) for festive occasions

Festivals in India are marked by bright lights. Festivals like Dusshera and Diwali  spiritually signify the victory of light over darkness.  Here are a few quilled Diya (Lamp holders) that I put together. These quilled Diyas can be used to light up your houses during festivals, can adorn your puja or may be gifted to loved … Continue reading Decorative Diyas(Lamp holders) for festive occasions